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S02E35 - Peter Manniche Riber - Just Work No Talk And Improve It

May 31, 2020

Peter decided to ask his friends for some help with the show notes:

  • Lori Niles-Hofmann: “He is hirsute as he is knowledgeable”
  • Matt Ash: “As Peter approaches his 50th year working in digital learning, he finally purchased a colour monitor but is yet to plug it in. Famed for his debauched antics along the sunset strip during the 1970s, it’s said that Peter was the inspiration behind John Lennon’s solo hit “imagine” Denmark’s answer to sliced bread”
  • John Hinchliffe: “has been referred to as the David Hasselhoff of L&D”
  • Ashley Sinclair: “Peter is a Master Chef - cooking up a storm in the L&D kitchen”
  • Josh Cardoz: “He once told me “The Danish Girl” was about his life story


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