Mindchimp Podcast

S02E24 - Mike Taylor - Eternally Curious

March 22, 2020

Mike is a  learning consultant who advises organizations on the best approaches to achieve learning and performance goals. When considering alternatives, he likes to think about the big picture. This involves:

● unpacking objectives to ensure each training program engages and educates the learner, aligns with organizational goals and provides an appropriate solution.
● designing high-impact solutions to capture the audience's attention
● staying on top of current advances and changes in learning technology to deliver results with optimum effectiveness and efficiency

The book mentioned on the show is called Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman which can be found here




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Mike can be found  mike-taylor.org

To find Mike on twitter its here twitter.com/tmiket

On LinkedIn its linkedin.com/in/miketaylor

He also has a great newsletter which can be found here