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S02E38 - Alice Collier-Niblett - Hoping to inspire with simplicity and curiosity

June 21, 2020

lice has risen through the ranks in l&d and worked in lots of different organisations to build up what she knows now from public sector to charity, law, fashion and now fintech. Alice found her niche and passion in younger organisations or start ups that are driven by passionate people with and exciting vision
she is now specialising in digital learning and building a vision for people development at Monzo bank

Her aim is to bring people development into the heart of a business and make it crucial to performance by helping them achieve great things by focusing on the challenges people are actually having whilst they do their job.
Alice loves to simplify what they do by focusing on real challenges, and push people to see how we can be really effective with digital learning at the point of need she also likes to be the challenging person in the room and for people to hear what I have learnt and see how it can help drive their people forward too.
Although not covered in the podcast, Alice I was the first person in her family to go to uni and believes It’s really important to inspire other people and make a difference...Not only that she's an awesome swimmer bit I guess that story is for another day.

Alice can be found on most socials

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alice-collier-niblett-849154b8/
https://twitter.com/Ali_CN_Learning  @Ali_CN_Learning


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